Why there is High Internet Use and its User Base


Have you heard someone on the internet or maybe someone from your friend circle saying that they are doing online business or rather want to start such kind of business. If yes, then this article can be very much helpful for you.

Now there are many types of businesses out there that you can do. So if you are interested in business then you can think about doing and do research it. But let me tell you a few years back there used to be just offline business which is of course a medium of business or rather a mode of doing business.

But now online business is something many people are more interested in trying hands on. So this article is just about online business and I am going to explain to you in simple words what exactly is an online business.

Why everyone is interested in doing it. To whom is an online business for and last but not least how can someone or you start it or take the first step towards it.

My blog is all about business ideas be it online or offline mode that I am going to post articles based on these coming days so stay tuned if you are interested in doing or want to such business.

Now, let’s start with an online business. So nowadays as internet users are growing exponentially from all over the world be it in many different uses, purposes, and many more. There are also many opportunities for business or a job online.

The Internet has now become a must-have thing In our lives. Many businesses are using online platforms and growing. So there is an opportunity for everyone and all of us. It depends on how we use the internet and how we can get profit from it.

There are billions of people on the internet and those numbers are increasing day by day. Here on the internet, everyone has a different purpose to use the internet. So basically there are two categories of people that spend time or use online platforms.

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1. Consumer

As I said this is one of the categories of internet users are divided into. This category is based on people of all ages. Here the consumer category is based on the people that are the internet users who basically makes the internet use for different purposes such as

  • Entertainment

Here this kind of person is those who enjoy watching or doing different things on social media. These type of people spend their time and make internet use in different ways.

  • Search for something

Here users search for something which they hear somewhere or something else like meanings of words, about tourist places, about present-day weather, and many more.

  • Search for News

Here users watch the news on various high authority news websites, news youtube channels, live news, news from particular media apps.

  • Watch Movies

Here users watch movies, web series from video streaming apps, and websites that are on a subscription basis.

  • Watch Youtube Videos

Here on Youtube users watch various videos related to different categories like comedy sketches, news, movies, video songs, and many more.

  • Search Educational Information

Here students from various fields and classes search for education information based on their fields. Also, they use online platforms to fill forms for various exams. They do search for notes and other information.

  • Gain Knowledge

There are many websites and youtube videos that share information on various things like DIY(Do It Yourself) things, gardening, cooking, and many more. Users search for different things in order to learn or to gain knowledge so that they can even do those things without going somewhere else or without asking someone.

  • Play Online Games

Nowadays the gaming industry is growing, it’s on boom also it’s a very vast industry. There are many games nowadays that cant be played without the internet. Here users are from every age group. Everyone likes gaming. So here users spend time enjoying playing games.

  • Use for traveling

Here Users use the internet to search while traveling because it helps them a lot. They use to search for different routes like they use for navigating, accommodation services, and many more.

  • Online shopping

Here users do shopping in every category of things that are available online.

  • Online transactions

Nowadays people are using this service to do online transactions because it kind of makes them easy while not going bank and sometimes be in a long queue which everyone hates. This is useful because they don’t even need to go out for it.

  • Communication

Here to communicate there are many platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google email for professionals, and many more which has become more useful while keeping professionalism at a good height.

  • Reading Articles on blogs

Here reading articles is very useful for users because it has made everyone’s life easy when they need something valuable information or any step by step process to do something which they don’t get anywhere else unless and until they have something more intelligent around them.

And the list goes on

2. Creator

Here this category in simple words is basically based on the users who share something on social media. This category of internet users can be of any age group. These users contribute different things on social media. These users share things in various ways and that is as follows

  • Shares Information on Youtube

Here users share valuable information that they have expertise in. They share information sometimes with the help of animation software to make animated videos, sometimes showing practically like doing DIY things and many more.

  • Teaching

Here teaching is also being done on platforms like youtube or sometimes they come up with their own e-learning apps and websites which is easier for everyone and best for someone who has no access to good coaching or for someone who lives in remote areas while at least having good network but no access to education.

  • Guide on various topics

Nowadays there are many users who share their experiences on blogs or on youtube. Which they experience themselves and guide others through the internet on what to do and how to avoid some things. These are based on many categories that even we experience such as traveling, business, financial-based, and many more.

  • Developing Applications

Here creators come up with new apps that they upload on the google play store and other app platforms. They develops applications based on many different fields that can help users to add value to their life and users use it and sometimes applications are downloaded in many numbers if they are capable of providing something new.

  • Developing Websites

Here developing websites Is also based on the creator category. Developing websites and then providing value to users while sharing something or providing services that users need and there are many other websites that are based on different fields.

  • Developing Software

Nowadays there is much software that we use just because they provide some values. Which we use on a daily basis. So there is much software that is downloaded at good numbers. There is a lot of software like video editing software, antivirus software, and many more.

  • Develop Online Games

Developing games not a difficult thing. Nowadays there are many coaching that you can conduct in order to get knowledge of game development. There are many games that are available out there that can is used without the data network.

  • Post Articles on Blog

The blog is what done by most of the users that provide information based on many different fields and that also solves doubts and confusion many users. A blog can be done by anyone and if you are an expert in something then you easily start your own blog and there are many advantages to starting a blog which I will explain in new articles that I will be posting.


So here as we have seen there are two categories of users on the internet. And you can be related to one of these categories or maybe both. So by both categories of users are benefitted in their own way.

Here let’s say like the users from the consumer category are benefitted from the happiness they get when they play a game or learn something new or sometimes they get good marks in exams just because they search for their educational information and in many other ways.

In the case of the creator category, they are benefitted from the happiness they get by doing such things. Things such as sharing and most of the time they are passionate about particular fields on which they share information on so they do get that happiness because they for what they love and also they earn money through different forms.

In some of the platforms or rather other ways of the creator, there are organizations or companies so they earn by providing services. In some of the ways, they earn by selling software and many other beneficiary things.


So here as I gave you information about the users and their user’s categories in every other platform and different categories. So I will be coming up with new articles on online business ideas and other articles so that you can become a creator and various platforms and if you are passionate about something and still you are not a creator then I will guide you to become one.

You can then be able to benefit yourself in different ways. And if you are just using the internet for various entertainment purposes or any other then you can too become a creator and if not you can just enjoy as you have been enjoying till now.

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